Added by on April 28, 2015 presents another trick. Carlos Santana is a unique guitarist that inspired countless of players. Trick #9 is designed to give you a little bit of that Santana magic…


Guitar Scales


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  • GitarrPwnz 2 years ago

    @jonguitarist You’re an idiot and you just proved it. Get off your line 6
    pedal and learn how to use real equipment. Have a nice day.

  • spiky703 2 years ago

    nice =] thanks, this really helped me with my guitar playing! keep it up!

  • jonguitarist 2 years ago

    wrong, A comp Is Good But Its not just focused on pedals, u can get as many
    pedals and still sounds shitty….its about pickups, amps, tubes/valves or
    soild state, Single or Humbucker….learn ur gear foooo. A Comp Only Works
    As A volume Enhancer…..

  • jonguitarist 2 years ago

    comp can also be a sustainer, but in that case buy a sustain package if ur
    into 30 min sustained bends….

  • Alfred Dowaliby 2 years ago

    Very nice, nice once again. I think it would be cool to have a backing
    progression – blues and/or rock -and try to compose a solo using all the
    tricks I have learned strung together. When I get some time I think I will
    try that and I believe it will be a great learning tool, not to menton a
    very nice sounding solo. Also, I think the pained expressions , though
    “optional,” are mandatory in order to play like Carlos…

  • decibeldevel 2 years ago

    Thanks again :)

  • 009CeLz 2 years ago

    wew great! thank you it really helps

  • Darren Thompson 2 years ago

    this guy is freakin awesome !! these little tricks are really helping me
    with my own gitar solos for my original songs with my band . thanks for all
    the inspiration .

  • David Caris 2 years ago

    @skunkismycat I wish had said that!

  • yroslav 2 years ago

    Holy crap you look just like Robert Deniro >.>

  • scias23 2 years ago


  • LosLurvos 2 years ago

    expensive pedals are overrated

  • R2Dee2 2 years ago

    I loved you in Godfather II.

  • Modes9 2 years ago

    It sounds like you have a black magic woman and she’s trying to make a
    devil out of you!

  • ifimlyinimbryan 2 years ago

    you did a bend……..WOW

  • Thuvaraha 2 years ago

    verry good wonderful …Thank you From:germany

  • grand master flash 2 years ago

    great comment mr.WOW

  • Max Ellison 2 years ago

    David, thanks for the helpful and well done vids. Ignore the losers who
    have NO videos uploaded and still have the balls to insult people. These
    guys are a penny a dozen. Again, thanks for sharing your 40+ years
    experience and talents with those who appreciate your efforts!

  • Rachel Berg 2 years ago

    doesnt work

  • David Caris 2 years ago

    yes I did do a bend…how nice of you to notice.

  • skunkismycat 2 years ago

    this is easy, you can do it!

  • David Caris 2 years ago

    @jonguitarist your remarks here make no sense and show me you are missing
    the point. most of the tone is your fingers anyways. please don’t
    condescend and tell me to learn my gear…and please post constructive
    comment only in a non-offensive manner. it is possible to contribute
    without insulting someone whose been playing for 40 years.