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  • CyRiE ChAn 4 years ago

    that first part… FREAKING.AWESOME. O.O

  • Jessie Milana 4 years ago


  • robobass25 4 years ago

    i have this exact amp rig! lol! :-D

  • jehovahuponyou 4 years ago


  • Dezdog hound 4 years ago

    Wow… I just thought I’d start a youtube bass guitar course thing, and this is the first one that came up. Then at about 1:25 where he’s talking about where he’s taught I was like :O He said he taught in Bath – England and guess where I live? Bath – England!

  • NotAHeroJustADad 4 years ago

    Just sub’d. pickin up my bass on my 29th birthday, month and a half away. Hey Stu, if it takes me the rest of my life to get to half the espertise u have, I know the journey is going to be worth it. You can see it in the way you play. Thanks bro

  • MrCoby303 4 years ago


  • Ohiohillbilly80 4 years ago

    Stu “The Hammer” Hamm!

  • sadbutsandman91 4 years ago

    Isn’t this the guy that played that awesome bass solo at the Montreux jazz festival?

  • TheSlewi 4 years ago

    God called he wants his fingers back he also wanted me 2 tell you that his girl fingerings where extra high until you came along now he’s a sad old man with a limp Dick XD

  • Johnstone Tcheou 4 years ago

    The Fender Urge, it was designed by Stu Hamm but was discontinued in 2010.

  • MrRedrock25 4 years ago

    what is the difference between guitar and bass guitar ?

  • kylem1112 4 years ago

    damn i didn’t know tom arnold was such a good bass player. ha ha jk

  • kenny maese 4 years ago

    thank you Stu!!!

  • LuisSilvaBass 4 years ago

    Hey Guys! I send free warm ups to subscribers of my channel weekly and on request. Mind checking my channel out? =D If too busy I understand.

    Plucking, Slapping, Tapping, Sight Reading.

  • TimReddy1 4 years ago

    What is the hybrid looking bass he’s playing?

  • InspiracionMusicaLJ 4 years ago

    You could’ve just muted them or avoided them…

  • qwertysam95 4 years ago

    Yeah, great lesson huh.

  • Selim2591 4 years ago

    ne diyon yarram

  • Jairus720 4 years ago

    good one.
    i love the lesson so much

  • AttitudeCastle 4 years ago

    Shame Fender kicked Stu of their artist roster :(

  • AttitudeCastle 4 years ago

    He is THE BEST bass player :D 

  • Alà Eddin Abugrara 4 years ago

    YEAAAAAAH i am from bologna ….wahy i didn’t fined you back then…… i hope you come back here so i can listen your live

  • 1994Jordynn 4 years ago

    That’s what I did… Haha. I was actually in a band. And I was 1 of 2 guitar players. I wrote all the bass lines on the guitar and used a octave pedal when we played live.. Didn’t sound half bad.

  • TapOut111111 4 years ago

    billy sheehan is a great bass player

  • Peter Beňo 4 years ago

    :D :D :D yeah man, that’s the right way :D

  • Niko Bitan 4 years ago

    Thanks Stu !

  • runewalsh6661983 4 years ago

    i want that fender

  • Ryan Mackey 4 years ago

    hahaha i did that with my older bros electric when i was a kid. that’s how you know you were born a bass player

  • chunkymunkyy 4 years ago

    oh dear, in the thumbnail i thought it was a middleaged woman! sorry stu! still love u

  • Lia Marie Linskey 4 years ago

    thats what i did but i might get a bass for christmas! i hope i do i cant wait i’m 9 and my babysitter teaches me i know alot of songs if you would like me to tell you just email me and i will tell you i can even tell you how to play the songs i know there very simple

  • genocid7147 4 years ago

    two words RYAN MARTINIE

  • Subparanon 4 years ago

    What kind of bass is that? It has two J bass pickups and one P instead of 1 J and 1 P. I have the Pbass with the J neck and both P and J pickups.

  • tetsuya19691003 4 years ago

    just try listening to blame, honey, kasou, butterfly’s sleep of the band L’Arc en ciel. these are just few of his masterpieces. he may not be the most skilled, but he is the best for his creativity. :)
    try searching the songs on
    please listen to the songs and help me. I really love bass. :) thanks and I hope you can help me. :)
    you’re time won’t be wasted if you’ll listen to them, that’s for sure. thanks again. thank you very much. :)

  • tetsuya19691003 4 years ago

    I want to play rock songs. not that too rock. just exact for the ears. listen to L’Arc en Ciel. a Japanese band. their bassist is my inspiration. I want to play like he does
    i think i could use both tuning. because my idol,I think, uses both of that. i don’t know but that’s what I think. but i think I would use EADGC tuning more.
    I also don’t know what brand of basses are good. and the biggest deal here is the budget. by the way I’m from the Philippines. thanks for replying. :)

  • AttitudeCastle 4 years ago

    I’m an experienced bass player so may be able to chip in! Are you CERTAIN you will use the B string? Or will you tune it EADGC? And what basses are you looking at and how do you want to play? These are the questions you need to ask yourself! If you want to discuss more message me :)
    I doubt Stu will answer as he doen’t run the channel he just did work for them :(

  • tetsuya19691003 4 years ago

    Mr. Stu Hamm, I’m a beginner and I would want to buy a bass guitar.
    which do you prefer, 4 strings or 5 strings? I know I should buy 4 strings becasue I am a beginner but for some reasons, I want the extra notes that the 5th string would give to me. budget is also an issue here so I’m really having a hard time. I think I can manage the difficulties that would be brought by the extra string, so do you think I can go for the 5 strings? please reply. :)

  • h8basscism 4 years ago

    is it a J bass… is it a P bass… nooo it’s both ;) )) nice custom

  • Previewexcerpt 4 years ago

    He sure is an impressive Guitar Instructor , I really enjoyed this preview Guitar Lesson