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A Video of the Top 10 Guitar Songs By The Best Band Of All Time……Enjoy!!


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  • Katerina the Beatles Fan 3 years ago

    Where’s I’ve Just Seen a Face?

  • bryan mantilla 3 years ago

    That boy??

  • dante loving 3 years ago

    Where is She’s A Woman, Where is It’s Getting Better?

  • jppmghrs 3 years ago

    What about “If I needed someone” or “Run for your life” 

  • evil jim 3 years ago

    soft fuk, most of em av gtrs in em.u play? i do. and am a scouser. i
    understand more than all of u soft cunts put tgeva (gud spliff…)

  • @rleddington Uh, that was Eric Clapton invited by George to guest on his

  • BeYou TeaFull 3 years ago

    @renemill: I beg to disagree. “And Your Bird Can Sing” is the first song I
    thought of when I saw the topic “Top Beatle Guitar Songs.” The lead guitar
    riff that opens the song is pure genius!

  • slamitwills13 3 years ago

    @diehard4TheBeatles what about i feel fine or revolution? they should be on
    that list

  • Rishi Thomas 3 years ago

    “Something” is a guitar song? I shouldn’t be listening to music.

  • sam queen 3 years ago

    Let it be?

  • Dan OLOONEY 3 years ago

    can ant one please tell me what song is in the beastie boys album da da
    dada it sound s crazy

  • Deanna Winters 3 years ago


  • TeamMastaPr2 3 years ago

    Some of my favorites: “And Your Bird Can Sing”, “Taxman*”, “Get Back”,
    “Revolution*”, “The End”, “Back in the U.S.S.R.”, “I Saw Her Standing
    There*”, “You Can’t Do That”, “Twist and Shout”, “I’ve Got a Feeling”,
    “She’s a Woman”*, “I Feel Fine”, “Ticket to Ride”, “Paperback Writer”*,
    “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”, “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)”*, “Dr.
    Robert”… * = good bass songs as well

  • Will Kelley 3 years ago

    While my guitar gently weeps is number 1 in my book

  • Cynthia Nadal 3 years ago

    HA a Lennon song, well he was the best guitarist, pianist, singer of the
    band in my opinion.

  • Rishi Thomas 3 years ago

    2 years on, I understand the music I listen to much more. Its true, the
    beatles can only improve in light of maturity. Same goes for Harrisson’s
    genius on the guitar.

  • azmouzi 3 years ago

    um… taxman??

  • billal0rd 3 years ago

    I wouldn’t have had And Your Bird Can See in the top 10, though it is a
    good song. Day Tripper wouldn’t be in the top 20. You nailed the top 3
    though. You should have added Taxman and Free As A Bird.

  • 9Iamthewalrus 3 years ago

    Wouldn’t hurt to put you never give me yout money

  • thedoddy22 3 years ago

    the continuing story of bungalow bill has the greatest guitar intro for any
    beatles song

  • SuperBspb 3 years ago

    @slamitwills13 revolution is on it

  • Joe Platero 3 years ago

    great medley of the best band out there, but you could have soooo many
    more, and if its too much for a top 10, then have a top 20, or 30, or
    however many there are!

  • cootamundra123 3 years ago

    @Doleafol Only cause get back is pretty basic.

  • Martijn La Feber 3 years ago

    #2 Might be Beatles, it’s Eric Clapton playing.. And where’re Norwegian
    Wood and Blackbird?

  • TheMrBenny123 3 years ago

    Til there was you, the end, birthday should be on the list

  • Drew Walker 3 years ago

    Could’ve/should’ve been on the list: Blackbird, Here comes the sun, And I
    love her, Taxman, Norwegian Wood, You’ve got to hide your love away

  • LennonRealLove 3 years ago

    Good list. The only problem I have with it is that Happiness Is a Warm Gun
    isn’t high enough.

  • toorlooo 3 years ago

    Paperback Writer is not there!

  • georgeharrisonfan789 3 years ago

    what about she said she said and doctor robert? and taxman?