Added by on July 5, 2013 Knowing the notes on your fretboard is a very important part of being able to play the guitar. This lesson is dedicated not to pla…

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  • Ay Saint 4 years ago

    this guys sick

  • helloiamkelly 4 years ago

    Best lessons I’ve seen so far! 

  • whereami0 4 years ago

    learn the pattern: A_BC_D_EF_G,(Underscores are miss a fret) then remember the string notes is the starting place, so with the 6th string (E) you would start at the E, hence it would go: E(Open) F(1st Fret) _G(3rd)_A(5th)_B(7th) C(8th) _D(10th)_E(12th), So using the basic pattern and applying it to each of the strings you can figure out where to press… Once you;ve learnt that, the gaps between two notes eg: A_B would become an A Sharp.. hope ive helped, keep going with it Good luck :)

  • Makeupbarbie207 4 years ago

    I’m so confused!! So many letterss! O.O

  • rani sa'da 4 years ago

    i will do it! thanks alot tom ur my teacher ur the one :P did u see my new video?? could u watch it if u have free time.. and tell me what do u think?

  • TomFontana 4 years ago

    The first step is to know them in sequence, but afterwards, you need to know them by heart, even if you start at fret 12, fret 7, or any fret. A good way to learn them is by locating them by sound, so for example, find all the C sharps on the fretboard, than all the G notes, etc. It will be hard at first, you’ll be counting all the notes, but after a lot of practice, you’ll memorize their locations.

  • rani sa'da 4 years ago

    tom i studied the notes by heart but u know it takes time to know in example the 3 note string D cuz i know them in respectivly!! so i have to count them all to get to the 3 and if its in the 12 it will take me much longer! what should i do??

  • TomFontana 4 years ago

    If I’m lazy, or I hear that all of the strings are out of tune, I’ll go for the electric tuner, but if it’s just if the strings need just a bit of tuning, I’ll go the manual way.

  • johnmun100 4 years ago

    what do you prefer tom,tuner or your tecnuiqe?

  • johnmun100 4 years ago

    my guitar has a tuner.what do you prefer to use tom ,tuner or your technuiqe?

  • loltbsucksalot 4 years ago

    Hey Tom, ive been wondering about my strumming, sorry it’s the wrong video but I had this question and this was next on my lessons. Whenever I strum upward the sound seems different, I am using my fingers to strum, would using a pick solve this problem? And in general, which do you prefer to use, pick or fingers.

  • 2lwa7esh 4 years ago

    i know them by heart what then ? :P

  • TomFontana 4 years ago

    This lesson is about how to learn the notes on the fretboard as well, which is sort of related to tuning your guitar, that’s why I put them together.

  • 2lwa7esh 4 years ago

    tom this lesson helps me for tuning my guitar only? what can i do with these???

  • HellsHighwayTrooper 4 years ago

    wud i need to go to the next string or what>?

  • HellsHighwayTrooper 4 years ago

    how many frets wud i need to move up to get 2 pitches higher ect.?

  • nirvanadude1990 4 years ago

    its onlu abcde

  • TomFontana 4 years ago

    Yep, You can tell the notes on string D G and B after memorizing the notes on the low E and A, so basically these are the 2 strings you need to memorize by heart.
    After a while (quite a while :-) ), you’ll remember the notes on all of the strings naturally, but you need to work towards it.
    A good way to practice the notes is through identifying the notes you need to play chords. So find different voicings for C major, A 7, and other chords.

  • silentkilla238 4 years ago

    so im thinking G and B are not important to remember.. right?

  • silentkilla238 4 years ago

    okay so i’ll just learn the low E and A. and thats it right i dont need to learn all the other strings just the fret notes on low e and a :D i think i can try to remember it. so whats this for? learning the fret notes

  • ciaramaglia01 4 years ago

    i dont get it how do solo say with a petonic scale how do you stay out of box formation move it around and still sound in key

  • TomFontana 4 years ago

    Nope, lower strings as in lower pitch strings, so the low E and A.

  • silentkilla238 4 years ago

    U mean B and E right? And it’s just that it’s alot of notes to remember lol and very confusing I’ll look at it again when I get there still trying to memorize lesson 2 chords ATM

  • TomFontana 4 years ago

    :-) Holy …..
    Watch the video again to learn the relationship between the strings and start memorizing the notes on the lower strings, thats all you’ll have to remember.

  • silentkilla238 4 years ago

    Holy crap I’m sorry but I got confused and omg it’s gonna be hard to remember all those notes for the fret board holy crap

  • GuitaristAzza 4 years ago

    I got how to learn the E, A strings but from there you lost me, could you please send me a message that explains it in detail so I can understand, great lesson anyway.

  • TomFontana 4 years ago

    my pleasure!

  • MDDReaper 4 years ago

    Cheers for the lesson 8)

  • DimeBag Doris 4 years ago

    thats a Greg bennet guitar lol

  • GaryLawrence0 4 years ago

    Hey, what kind of shirt is that?