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Tabs For This Lesson Can Be Found Here: Click Here For Over 5000 Guitar Lessons: Guitar Tricks 102 This week’s lesson teaches…

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  • Brandon Burch 2 years ago

    Nice lick!

  • Guitar Tricks 2 years ago

    @masashi080808 Good request, thanks! -Neal

  • masashi080808 2 years ago

    @Guitartricks Thank you!!

  • Ezra Alvarado 2 years ago

    First Awesome btw!

  • 2112man400 2 years ago

    Awesome! Please make a video for intro to soloing!

  • marlo999 2 years ago

    Keys are comprised of seven notes not eight.

  • masashi080808 2 years ago

    Awesome lesson!! I’m wondering if you could have a lesson for speed
    picking.. it’s hard for me to maintain the speed steadily for a period of

  • ragrytakr 2 years ago

    @IIlIQuANTuMllIl The key always consist of 8 notes (do re mi fa so la si
    do) so all the keys contain all the degrees ( “numbers” )

  • John Pratt 2 years ago

    Do one on how to remember the numbers from a scale in a certain key. Ex. 1
    4 5

  • Great lesson! I’m not a beginner myself but I’m sure this is very helpful
    to starters :)