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Colony House dropped by the Guitar Center Hollywood Vintage room to play and talk about their musical process and the stories behind their songs, including this version of their new title track…

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  • Guitar Center 2 years ago

    Colony House​ stopped by Guitar Center Hollywood​ to play some tunes off of
    their debut album “When I Was Younger.” Watch their performance of
    “Silhouettes” and get the back story on the meaning of the song:

  • Guitar Center 2 years ago

    “Sometimes you have to walk back into the darkness to find the light
    - +Colony House performs “Silhouettes” at Guitar Center Hollywood​:

  • Paul Ashley 2 years ago

    I like this piece. Reminds me a bit of Tears for Fears.

  • ConcreteKOS 2 years ago

    good message

  • luis alejandro Aldana 2 years ago

    good job