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Dave Celentano is one of the industries hottest and most sought-after guitar instructors and has been teaching for over 20 years. Dave is proficient in many styles of music including rock,…

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  • Pradita Pandu 2 years ago

    where is video lesson dave celentano this?? please upload in youtube… :( 

  • deathwishsk83r 2 years ago


  • xPunkxBiotchx420 2 years ago

    thats amazing.

  • pychonick11 2 years ago

    it’s canon i poop my pants

  • Sahadi420 2 years ago


  • Murdo McDermid 2 years ago

    wtf that was amazing

  • wolffrankenstein 2 years ago

    Multi-finger and multi-string… you can do it too if you practice it
    enough. There’s also multiple right hand finger single string tapping which
    is pretty hard too, but speed is just a byproduct of accuracy.

  • skidara 2 years ago

    is there tabs for this anywhere?

  • m4ssee 2 years ago

    Sounds like Canon Rock.

  • angelswillarise 2 years ago

    this guy rules

  • Devon Roberts 2 years ago

    HA!! dude omg i was expecting a few neat things here and there, but damn..
    I wish I had my tapping down perfect.. I can do some two handed stuff, but
    I cant use all 8 fingers.. Only 5..

  • Sahadi420 2 years ago


  • NeoGodHand 2 years ago

    tapping arpeggios is the name of that skill,it sounds beautiful but its HARD

  • Axel Dahlgren 2 years ago

    Wow.. O.O That was WICKED !! Awesome.. (Y)

  • Del Puckett - Guitar 2 years ago


  • Max Robinson 2 years ago

    holy jesus that is the best tapping i’ve ever seen ever and YEA, good luck
    with the tabs LMAO

  • mad00002 2 years ago

    Impressive, very clean. I didn´t know of this guy before.

  • Karen Young 2 years ago

    holy crap dude! thats pure awsomeness!

  • CarnivorousA 2 years ago


  • Nutsie III 2 years ago

    holy ******* ****!

  • VideoWatcher225 2 years ago

    its a different version of cathedral but yes

  • oberondeva 2 years ago


  • ThunderMetalHead 2 years ago


  • Muhammad Akmal 2 years ago

    anyone has tabs for his canon “tap” so to speak? =O

  • GTAtrivium76 2 years ago

    thats fucking amazing!!

  • Execelero 2 years ago

    whoa…….that was a sick bomb lol

  • bikerboyguitar 2 years ago


  • Terrible1 2 years ago

    that really blew me away hes inpirational !

  • sexydecsy 2 years ago

    That’d be one fucking hell of a tab =P

  • hermenboi 2 years ago

    LOL……on 0:04 ….why cant they show two of his hands….he doesnt use
    one hand…hes a hardcore tapper..

  • fret fanatix 2 years ago

    i had this video till i lent it to a so called rrind never got it back

  • Joe Lewis 2 years ago

    that was the sickest thing ive ever seen…(boner)

  • Jarno Eusebio 2 years ago

    sticazzi :)

  • andej016 2 years ago

    oooooooooooooohhhhh myyyyyyyyyy goooooooodddd!!!!!!!!!

  • zentovix 2 years ago

    hey is there a tutorial on how to do stuff like this? im trying to find it,
    is there even a name for the trick he just did?

  • judomouse 2 years ago

    HOLY SHITE STAINS!!!! Probably the greatest finger tapping ever
    recorded!!!! 5/5

  • Eddi Rodriguez 2 years ago

    Does anybody know where I can purchase this instructional? What’s the name
    of the instructional?

  • yopdop1 2 years ago

    nice not even that hard when u get used to it

  • …………..

  • SgtPppr9751 2 years ago

    the chord progression sounds almost right on to Pachelbels Canon, but im
    not sure where the arpeggio is from. great tapping though. i lvoe this
    kinda stuff

  • kimpax 2 years ago

    that guy and those guys here on youtube are gods!!