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In this video I will be teaching you easy 1 string guitar songs. Very good for begginers. Don’t forget to check out my channel, subscribe, like, and leave a …


Electric Guitar


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  • the oakley family show 3 years ago

    Um smoke on the water is

  • Nick H 3 years ago

    Thank you so much. I thought you did a great job at explaining this. I just
    recently started playing guitar, and you taught me 3 songs. Keep up the
    good work man.

  • wilco dogpie 3 years ago

    Dummy the smoke on the water is 0,3,5,0,6,5,0,3,5,3,0

  • Zach Brasseur 3 years ago

    No Trying To Be A Dick But Iron Man Is Played

  • wilco dogpie 3 years ago

    But other then that thank u

  • Keegan Turner 3 years ago

    Good video. Thank You!

  • Flustered Amputee 3 years ago

    Thanks for teaching me those songs thanks a lot

  • Tylers Guitars 3 years ago