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Worship leader and guitar instructor, Andrew Strickland, uses revelation song to talk us through how to create texture on the electric guitar and the best vo…

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  • ooiTzAmii 4 years ago

    What pedals are you using?

  • ageshero 4 years ago

    what pedals ?

  • Frankle21 4 years ago

    Hey can you tell me which frets each finger goes on when you play each voicing.

  • Joshua Pierce 4 years ago

    finally a helpful video

  • TheCrossAlways 4 years ago

    Great tutorial, brother! I am a worship leader and guitarist from Togo (West Africa) and this is really helpful. I am just getting into effects. I have a Line 6 POD 2, but it doesn’t seem really flexible in terms of effects. What pedals (delay, volume, etc.) would you recommend I invest in to have that kind of sound for creating textures? Thanks.

  • exp0m4rker 4 years ago

    nice video. could you make more videos like these? i find them really helpful. like videos on how you would hold other majors and minors for different songs would be good. =)