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Hi guys!!!! Hope you enjoy! Subscribe! Benni.

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  • spadgehobbs 4 years ago

    Some excellent guitar playing.

  • cody thomas 4 years ago

    Hey how long have you been playing you’re pretty good.

  • FlashmoreGash 4 years ago

    Oh yeah! was likng all the stuff before and was warming up,then you started sliding!
    )))){- -}(((((( Very nice!

  • Cj Cossin 4 years ago

    haha you looked like you really enjoyed playing after you changed the strings haha i love those strings haha

  • joaymah flores 4 years ago

    what do you use polyweb or nanoweb.

  • TheLeerain 4 years ago

    just a thought mate ive been playing 20 years and you really should try a set of daddario exps 12s they are coated and they really beat the elixir cheers

  • euro1299 4 years ago

    I’ve same one on my epiphone dove. elixir is the best string!

  • giorgio giorgios 4 years ago

    how long do you play guitar??

  • smally432 4 years ago

    Would you reccomend these to a yamaha f325? Please reply

  • Ananda Ryanizar 4 years ago

    You use the custom light, don’t you?

  • Jaymz1605 4 years ago

    what’s the song at 10:22 ?

  • Edward Smyth 4 years ago

    Damn impressive bro! Those older strings sounded pretty good to me. Where can I get a set : )

  • audiotrax2000 4 years ago

    You are a fantastic player. Those bright strings do NOT suit that bright guitar. I would try Rotosounds for a much better balance. I love Ovations….but with your skill you really deserve a better guitar.

  • Kent san 4 years ago

    i hope this string meet my expectations on a valuable string…. just bought a D’addario extra light 85-15 american bronze .010-.050… after a couple of songs the strings’ crispy’ish tone faded away and sounds like a numb strings… like partially muted.. :( .. bought it here for 380php… and its harder to switch the tuning pegs compared to its strings before together with the guitar from the store…. are there strings better than this elixir thingy? i heard this were used by vid!!

  • Alekszanver Virgel Villanueva 4 years ago

    Can you bend it on a high note?

  • jcg32002 4 years ago

    What kind of guitar is that? It’s beautiful and also is that bridge custom?

  • Seamus McMichael 4 years ago

    Is that an Ovation u have??

  • Phillip stegman 4 years ago

    I don’t like your guitar lol Thats it The rest is fantastic

  • rrgert4 4 years ago

    elixirs are best .. ive had nanowebs on my electric now for like 3 months … tone is still good !


    i never really liked elixir that much personaly, but i do like how long they last and how they sound after so many months.

  • zombiejambo 4 years ago

    I use elixir 12-53 on my acoustic and ernie ball 9-46 on my electric they are good strings.

  • BlackHawkGaming 4 years ago

    Never heard of open D before. I’ll have to check that out :)

  • BlackHawkGaming 4 years ago

    I just grabbed Elixir’s yesterday and I don’t regret =) i just looked at this video because I wanted to hear an immediate change between the old standard strings and the Elixir Nanos. By the way, I like your Mac, that’s a decent model too.

  • vencisuper 4 years ago

    finaly someone really good at guitar !

  • lilmarinchi 4 years ago


  • PyroRudy 4 years ago

    haha thats tallent if I’ve ever seen it good job i will be checking out some of your other videos !

  • azwan1992 4 years ago

    nice play!