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Forrest Rice from Rancho Cucamonga, CA – check out his drum solo performance at our 26th Annual Drum-Off Finals that took place on January 17th, 2015 at Club…

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  • Guitar Center 2 years ago

    Have a look at our West Regional winner Forrest Rice’s performance at the
    #DrumOff Finals!

  • Guitar Center 2 years ago

    Have a look at our West Regional winner Forrest Rice’s performance at the
    ‪#‎DrumOff‬ Finals!

  • Nathan Redmon 2 years ago

    After seeing the winning performance, I found this one to be superior. More
    musical, more variety, and definitely more complex use of the octipad. Very

  • DrumPiper11 2 years ago

    Definitely a better performance than the winner… the winner used, in my
    opinion, too much Octapad. Forrest used it a good bit, but used it well. In
    the winner’s performance, I lost interest after a minute or minute and a
    half because he used more Octapad than drums, and it kinda just felt like
    the solo was going nowhere. They probably just wanted another handsome,
    skinny black guy to win (not saying he’s a bad drummer, but Forrest was
    definitely better)

  • KGBDrums 2 years ago

    Dude that was awesome!!…
    People hating on the Octapad but that thing is an industry standard now!
    Drummer’s these days have to learn incorporating and playing with live
    samples. Tough to do and he did it effortless!
    World class musician!


    Musicianship + stage presence = solid performance

    awesome name!

  • keetlemeetle311 2 years ago

    Dude that was awesome! You def should have won. You played the octapad like
    octamad! Made songs with it instead of hitting it random like a tard. Nice

  • Aaron Vasquez 2 years ago

    am I the only one who noticed he looks like streeter from collegehumor?

  • Metallus Ambroglosch 2 years ago

    Who did do the sound OMG
    MUDDY as shit although the Basdraumm makes BOOOOOOOUUMMM nut there is
    absolutely 0 clearance in the sound

    but nice played

  • Phillip L. 2 years ago

    better luck next year mr Jack Black

  • HHDLbass5 2 years ago

    This guy should have won, hands down. You fucked up Guitar Center drum off

  • Marcus Jackson 2 years ago

    This guy should’ve won

  • Eric Pfaff 2 years ago

    Ya the token white guy should have won lol. Just a better solo. If
    anything, they should of had this guy,(Forrest) and Shariq have a drum off
    at the drum off. I think this solo had more depth and rhythm, and a bit
    more groove then Shariqs.
    I don’t know, the drum off is starting to look a lot like the NBA. At least
    the last couple of years. 

  • Amy Ohwalawala 2 years ago

    I was so close to winning my store final. a tip to anyone who competes in
    the future: use everything they give you! I was the only one to use the
    Octo pad the day I played. I was so nervous though that I screwed up

  • Nicholas Turner 2 years ago

    This guys should’ve won. He was robbed. 

  • Tom Peary 2 years ago

    Drum Centre Octapad contest

  • Faintest Of Breath 2 years ago

    Less use of the octapad than the winner. Mixed several styles, had an
    actual focus on the drums and making some patterns with them, had a nice
    solo at the end. I’m thinking this guy was the best one of the group.

  • Gavin Oswald 2 years ago

    This is some tasteful octopad use and skill. Great solo!

  • Cameron Alidor 2 years ago

    +Forrest Rice absolutely killed it this year! Great job, man! Keep up the
    good work!

  • Harry D. 2 years ago

    I was at this thing, I thought no doubt in my mind that this was gonna win.
    He was frickin DJ’ing while he played.

  • davinalex 2 years ago

    is it just me or are drummers becoming to dependent of the drum machine?
    something Dave Weckl has spoken about in many videos on soloing and

  • Jorge Uad 2 years ago

    Am I the only one who thinks that snare sound really “over-cracked”?

  • dave thompson 2 years ago

    i think the octapad is too basic. its a one note at a time pony trick that
    is easy melody…
    its not being used to enhance the drum kit, nor the rythym, its just being
    used to make the drummer look clever. look at me, i can hit one note at a
    time and play a new counter beat every bar and every note… its old and
    unoriginal now. so what if you can be a one man band. go look at some
    street buskers these days… they are great.
    dont these pro modern drummers here see the drum kit as a tonal melodic
    instrument anymore? a good drummer knows, that a drum kit is no more or
    less than a baby grand piano.

  • Денис Игнатюк 2 years ago

    Круто конечно, даже очень, но всё все финалисты прошлых лет без октопада
    больше нравились (ИМХО)

  • Jacob L 2 years ago

    Very creative!

  • Lance Beckford 2 years ago

    I love you Forrest! You’re a great mind in our industry, and I hope that
    becomes more known in due time :) Great conceptual solo my man.

  • Alex Grachek 2 years ago

    I love how you were using the nobs to tune the pads while you were playing!
    That was sick and so original!!!

  • Angel Melendez 2 years ago

    he really needed to tune down the second tom, in fact to me thats something
    that the judges leave as a small trap to the players. I always catch it
    when I set up for my five minutes. 

  • Rojasdrums 2 years ago

    No seriously, this performance is way more dynamic and musical than Shariq
    Tucker’s. What the fuck, judges? This contest is starting to become an
    exploit for real drumming. 

  • Josh Woodley 2 years ago

    It’s almost hard to watch this, the drums sound absolutely terrible.
    Drummer is great though, very creative. 

  • Fajar Muharam 2 years ago

    Forrest Rice lebih baik daripada Shariq Tucker

  • Robert Miller 2 years ago

    WOW from 418 to 438 was very nice and more importantly very different.
    Brought a tear to me eye. Bravo son

  • TIM Sayers 2 years ago

    does a real drummer need a machine to make sound ? I thought that is what
    the drums are for, 

  • agung munthe 2 years ago

    Personally i like this one better than the winner. He manage to balance the
    use of octapad and the drums imo. No dis!

  • André Freitas 2 years ago

    Just amazing, the song has a name? or it’s just improvised?