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This is what we dig most about the new 6-button controller.

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  • Kyle97x 2 years ago

    A more realistic guitar experience and you don’t need to use your little
    finger?!?! Sounds kinda unrealistic 

  • Joseph Farrell 2 years ago

    He looks like he’s having a great time using that guitar…

  • Axel Reigns 2 years ago

    3 frets seem a bit too easy

  • AerrowDynamics 2 years ago

    I think it would have been better with a 4th fret. 3 doesn’t seem enought
    to me.

  • ihswap 2 years ago

    They should’ve just kept it the classic way. Why do people these days
    always want realism in video games?

  • Esai Cruz 2 years ago

    Boooo i want the old gameplay and demon girls in the background

  • Jerm Stone 2 years ago

    Needs five frets with 2 buttons each. Ten total frets. This shit is too

  • Dman2112 2 years ago

    Not a fan of the new button layout >.<

  • Bones12x2 2 years ago

    I like the addition of a second “string” but they should have done 4 frets.
    It seems oddly limiting to only have three. 

  • MotionTransformer 2 years ago

    Not happy…. I play guitar and the old games didnt have enough buttons.
    A real guitar does not have you playing 2 strings on 3 frets. I might just
    stick to Rocksmith.

  • ae Austiin 2 years ago

    People are saying 3 frets, 6 buttons is too easy now, but just think about
    hitting 16th notes when you have to hit the note right next to the button
    you’re holding. I feel like you’ll definitely have the opportunity to use
    your pinky in harder songs. Lots of potential with this new layout.

  • ChuffedMuffin 2 years ago

    Wow! 6 buttons! Real guitar has 132.

  • matt man 2 years ago

    Dont fix whats not broken

  • DeeZaster 2 years ago

    It doesn’t resemble a fender strat, but a Schecter.

  • gac3la 2 years ago

    gregg miller lost some pounds, nice !

  • 14supersonic 2 years ago

    I think it may be Rock Band for me this time around.

  • Ryzrr 2 years ago

    You cannot use “more realistic” and “Not using your pinky” in the same
    statement. learning to use your 4th finger is what separates bad
    guitarists, from the good. This is the worst thing done to Guitar Hero thus
    far. And to make the excuse that it’s because “people stopped playing
    because They couldn’t use their pinky” it’s pretty BS considering that’s
    the point of a different selection of difficulties.

  • schmutz06 2 years ago

    I am loving how this innovates on the original, yet steers away from
    Rocksmith or Rockband level Guitar “simulation” and that the design seems
    focused on gameplay, being a game and all. I’m also curious like half the
    comments whether 2×4 would be better but I have faith that they tested the
    hell out of it and decided 2×3 is the way. Bring it on!

  • magicD_drummaguy 2 years ago

    I think the best thing about this video was that they announced Amplitude
    is coming back.. Whhhaaaaaatttt?!!!!! 

  • Billy Wilson 2 years ago

    Rock Band 4 > Guitar Hero Live

  • yeahnuld 2 years ago

    Is there a point to this now that rocksmith exists?

  • Mauro Gonçalves 2 years ago

    R.I.P Guitar Hero!
    I’m a fan of old games…but this new GH is sucks!

  • wee1owen12 2 years ago

    The new system should be good, it’s more akin to actual guitar playing.
    Well, I don’t know how it is on regular guitar, but at least on bass I play
    the majority of stuff up on the top few frets.

  • the amazing WATERMELON 2 years ago

    this then DJ hero 3 hmmm

  • Gandalf The Grey 2 years ago

    God you guys are boring

  • TDPNeji 2 years ago

    I don’t understand these Rocksmith fanboys in the comments. Rocksmith may
    be a “game,” but it doesn’t have that arcade feel like Guitar Hero and Rock
    Band games do. Rocksmith is USELESS when you own guitar tab editors like
    Guitar Pro 3/4/5/6, Power Tab Editor, or TuxGuitar. (I never played
    Rocksmith, but I semi-played with YouTube videos and it just feels like
    playing along a guitar tab editor but more difficult due to reaction time
    being quicker)

  • myshaney 2 years ago

    02:24 that why I play rockband guitar,drums,keyboard and microphone and
    able to use a real six strings guitar (made by rockband) makes it much more
    fun for big parties of people I have every rockband in the book I started
    of with guitar (Aerosmith like when I was 7) never like it but I love
    rockband by heart and also rocksmith and also guitar hero doesn’t let you
    change in to bass guitar.

  • Kleptul 2 years ago

    Harmonix originally had GH, then Craptivision bought it and ran the
    franchise below sea level. Harmonix went on with Rock Band, and not one
    title of theirs has yet to disappoint. Now Craptivision is continuing with
    their dumpster baby travesty… not even going to give it a chance.

  • andywylde 2 years ago


  • blackknightkanos 2 years ago

    Screw Guitar Hero, give me Tony Hawk Activision!

  • stbreal 2 years ago

    I just learned how to a real guitar. Way more fun.

  • NG3001 2 years ago

    Welp! I’m switching to Rock Band

  • ABYfolls 2 years ago

    3 frets? That´s for pussys.

  • Tate Anderson 2 years ago

    This would’ve been way better with 10 buttons.
    But that’s coming from someone who’s played for 10 years.

  • Germán Vicencio L. 2 years ago

    why not play a real guitar instead of trying to make it look/feel like a
    real guitar?

  • Daniel Delaney 2 years ago

    Damn as somebody who plays guitar I honestly loved how Guitar Hero didn’t
    try and be completely realistic. This new guitar, however, is pretty
    creative and I won’t be able to just start on Expert again.

  • I Was Right Once 2 years ago

    When Rocksmith exists, I honestly cannot understand for a second, why
    anyone would want to play Guitar Hero…

  • AM Woody 2 years ago

    No one playing guitar hero wants realism.. If they wanted that, then they
    could just play rocksmith. I think this is a bad move on the devs part.

  • Ulikander4001 2 years ago

    No drums? no vocals? well, it seems Guitar Hero is officially dead to me :c

  • Imaginashunz 2 years ago

    The live crowd thing is a lil confusing? Is there going to be the actual
    band for the actual song every time? Or will there be a fake band but lip
    syncing the songs?

  • LOLWelshGamer 2 years ago

    Why not Brøken Swörd?

  • brianegan3 2 years ago

    Any of you guys play rock smith and is it any good?

  • G. Whistler 2 years ago

    Save your money, buy a real guitar, learn to play. It’s a much more
    fulfilling and rewarding experience that will do you a lot more good than
    pressing buttons on a stupid controller along with a karoake machine.