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Yo!! What’s up, dudes?!? My guitar teach for many years, Peter, stopped by and laid some cool lessons out. He has a nice method for learning and practicing the notes on the guitar. Take…

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  • Ron Taylor 3 years ago

    I love all your videos, DUDE, you are sooo funny! Keep it up! Latterrrrs.
    How ya doin’? 

  • SolidSixx 3 years ago

    This has to be your funniest video haha, I laughed out loud at the heart
    attack bit 

  • Brian Spilsted 3 years ago

    I enjoyed this lesson very much. 

  • Joe Rodriguez 3 years ago

    Enjoyed watching the video guys. Fun lesson!

  • Rodderno9 3 years ago

    Lol, love your humour and the relaxed way you do videos.
    A breath of fresh air watching your videos compared to the thousands out
    How you doin? lol brilliant
    Keep em coming!

  • awfulguitarplucker 3 years ago

    wait..what? TOMMY TEDESCO? he was a legend! 

  • awfulguitarplucker 3 years ago

    woah! Pixxy with an old-fashioned Artstar? its more likely than i think,i
    guess 8O

  • PixxyLixxx 3 years ago

    Awesome! Glad you found it motivating.

  • ChrisJohansonMusic 3 years ago

    Steve if you ever go down the Vineyard… make sure to visit Ernie Boch’s
    estate. Its ridiculously gigantic..

  • SKITTL3Z37 3 years ago

    Had to have a quick jam sesh after watching this haha. Great vids man!

  • PixxyLixxx 3 years ago

    HA! Glad you dig it. I’ll have Pete back for more as time permits. He had
    fun, too.

  • Nathan Newsad 3 years ago

    grasshopper who, compared to us mortals is still a master =/

  • PixxyLixxx 3 years ago

    He’s not a big YouTube guy, but I’ll let him know.

  • mattchurchill 3 years ago

    Great vid Steve; )

  • Pot Lynne 3 years ago

    nice ibanez guyz;)

  • BIGBABYZIP 3 years ago


  • PixxyLixxx 3 years ago

    Thanks! I’ll pass it on to Pete (who’s not really a YouTube regular).

  • PixxyLixxx 3 years ago

    Thanks, Matt! I’ll have Peter over again for more lessons. He’s got a
    million very targeted lessons that really help break through certain

  • TelepathicTraffic . 3 years ago

    I’m guilty of all offences. Great lesson dudes.

  • PixxyLixxx 3 years ago

    Thanks! Glad you liked it!

  • Tony Mitchell 3 years ago

    He’s looking at the model number on the back of the neck.

  • PixxyLixxx 3 years ago

    HA! Ok, this comment made me laugh out loud.

  • BakuMaple 3 years ago

    Nice Video

  • PixxyLixxx 3 years ago

    Thanks! I’ll be posting more lessons and having guest instructors whenever
    I can. Peter has a million killer lessons, so he’s a treasure trove of
    information right there.

  • sammy reynolds 3 years ago

    I’ve always thought that tabs are the worst thing to ever happen to guitar

  • leokimvideo 3 years ago

    wow, master and grasshopper

  • Paul Van Dijk 3 years ago

    This is better than watching Two and a Half Men hahahahahahaha, I love
    this!!! This is entertainment and learning both! Well done Steve!

  • Da Man 3 years ago

    Great Lesson! I really enjoyed that. Very fun and educational. You tow have
    a great way of teaching fundimentals without it being boring. AWESOME!

  • PixxyLixxx 3 years ago

    I’m familiar with it, though I’ve never been there. We should hook up for
    lunch some day and I’ll lay all the details on you. I think you’ll get a
    kick out of it.

  • Grabcu Grabcu 3 years ago

    Hey PixxyLixx! I’m a big fan! And got a question: When you present new
    guitar, you always look behind and along the neck of every particular
    guitar. What are you looking for or what you are judgeing? Im so curious!

  • Michael Pajewski 3 years ago

    i can sense the respect you have for your teacher, and the nervousness that
    we all have when playing with him. Great vid, great feel. see you on VH1

  • guitarvirtuoduder 3 years ago


  • Chad Johnson 3 years ago

    Great lesson and great idea to have your old teacher on Steve! I recently
    caught up with my old teacher from the 4 years I took lessons from in high
    school. We’re Facebook friends. I like just seeing the lesson with you as
    the student and making little mistakes. OMG you’re human! I’ll go back with
    my guitar in hand and revisit this exercise. NOYSH!!

  • mattchurchill 3 years ago

    Too true; )

  • cowboy7x 3 years ago

    OMG! I didn’t realize how silly I sounded at the music store when I tried
    out new guitars. Ahhhhhhhhhhh ha ha ha ha ha ha (Eddie Murphy laugh) Fun
    vid as usual Steve.

  • Mike Como 3 years ago

    Hey guys I really enjoyed this lesson for me guitar is a combination of
    feeling and arithmetic if you know what I mean.I’m going to start using
    some of the exercises for sure.I also remember reading Tommy Tedesco’s
    column in GP years ago as well as Lee Rittenour and a bunch of other
    talented guys.Baseball is on so you are my sworn sports enemy until October

  • PixxyLixxx 3 years ago

    HA! Same here to a degree. I’m getting better, but as my playing showed,
    I’m no where near perfect on this stuff.

  • stratomaster516 3 years ago

    Hey Steve, what a couple of great videos! very informative and some great
    tips. Peter seems like a really great guy and teacher. I can tell hes very
    patient and has a great technique on his teaching, its hard to find a
    teacher thats not only a great player but a good teacher, which in my
    opinion is probably the most important. most teachers Ive met are good
    players but not very good teachers. Peter seems to be both which is rare.
    thank him for taking time to share his knowledge with all of us.

  • PixxyLixxx 3 years ago

    Thanks! I’ve thought about a podcast, but I think Youtube is still my best
    broadcast method for now. But I will definitely have more musicians over as
    they become available.

  • PixxyLixxx 3 years ago

    I think they help with fingerings, but that’s about it. Beyond guitar,
    they’re worthless unlike standard notation.

  • leokimvideo 3 years ago

    it shows that every great grasshopper had a very savvy master, and what is
    interesting is the argument that great players do it by gut feeling Vs
    formal music tuition. So many time you hear about the great players were
    just gifted from day one. For me the great players have a signature style
    which is difficult for others to copy, Pixxy’s greatness is derived from
    being a basement friend who plays awesome guitar, he’s like the ultimate
    good times uncle you love to have around because he’s cool.

  • Juan Huesca 3 years ago

    As I was watching this I can see a huge difference in picking styles. Your
    friends reminds me of Gambali-esque picking. Sweet lesson!

  • pedraw 3 years ago

    Oh,by the way, thank you Peter.

  • Frank DeHaven 3 years ago

    Excellent lesson, thank you!

  • guitarvirtuoduder 3 years ago