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  • Sven Cornelissen 4 years ago

    too bad Mr. Big was so known in Japan and so little in the USA, Recently I’ve been listening to those great rock songs they made and wondering why this wasn’t big in America

  • Paul Howerton 4 years ago

    oh im going to! :D thanks!

  • ArtistWorksInc 4 years ago

    join Paul’s online guitar school and you can exchange videos/messages with him, it’s the next best thing to meeting him in person!

  • Paul Howerton 4 years ago

    on top of that i’m autistic (what’s refered to as asperger’s syndrome) so i have communication difficulties. I do have a high IQ which helps to compensate in many ways but that makes things a bit difficult as well. anyway it’s great to see Paul doing instructionals as well as albums! He’s definitely my biggest influence on guitar itself.:)

  • Paul Howerton 4 years ago

    but yeah my health has limited everything in my life. i’m struggling just to get an album out. people don’t realize how poor your health is when you’re only 30 but i’m already overdue. i’ve outlived my projected lifespan lol. happy too but i would love to meet him before i do finaly go:)

  • Paul Howerton 4 years ago

    I know it won’t happen but meeting Paul Gilbert is a dream of mine. he seems like a genuinely nice guy and he’s an amazing player. i’m highley influenced by classical and pianists like Chopin and beethoven but he’s THE main guitarist influence for me (and i am a guitarist). I think he’s finaly getting some of the recognition that he deserves but he’s still underrated imo. he can literally do anything and kinda HAS lol.

  • asheriko26 4 years ago

    best guitar player, teacher and he is the nicest guy…

  • Bayu Saputra 4 years ago

    i still stuck with left hand muting, any idea guys? i think i can’t cover 6 & 5 string with my thumb

  • KillTheStranger 4 years ago

    good fun