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  • Danny Mullen 4 years ago

    another great video. please continue, I learn so much watching you play. THANKS!!!

  • MrFite47 4 years ago

    i like that vote up

  • Angelina Chavez 4 years ago

    You make it look so easy! Mind-Blown, it’s Awsome!!!

  • Manny Soriano 4 years ago

    great teacher!!!! *bowing*

  • LKtube1 4 years ago


  • bigredhead87 4 years ago

    Best guitar teacher ever!

  • Recovery82 4 years ago

    it is

  • reshab rana 4 years ago

    plus a martin acoustic

  • Drago Stevanovic 4 years ago

    OOOh man how many guitars do you have? :D
    stratocaster, telelecaster, les paul, Gibson SG…

  • ChiefAhi 4 years ago

    Marty and his 1 gallon fedora!

  • mrbimer69 4 years ago

    10 people thumbed down cuz you made it too eazyy!!!

  • bogdan drummer 4 years ago

    sherlock it IS paradise city :) )

  • infostatic 4 years ago

    @DonnieFalcone It was a joke, I even added a smiley.

  • DonnieFalcone 4 years ago

    not sure if trolling or serious. D stands for downstroke, U stands for upstroke. There’s no U chord my friend.

  • infostatic 4 years ago

    Paradise City indeed. Nice tele!

    Hey I can play the D chord fine, but how do I play a U chord? ;-)

  • Jimmy L 4 years ago

    Marty rules!! Totally unselfish to share his skills with us that are not quite as talented. At least not yet anyway. If I keep practicing and watching his lessons maybe someday. You are a gift to all of us that want to learn Marty. Keep it up and coming brother!!

  • Matthew Cox 4 years ago

    take me down to the paradise city where marty lives and guitar is easy

  • PianoMan347 4 years ago

    i love the thumbnail… DUUUUDDUDUDU I was all “WTF” but now I watched and yea…

  • Graham Glover 4 years ago

    This guy is like Bono! But instead of having 2000 pairs of sunglasses, he owns 2000 hats.

  • Buchendrix 4 years ago

    Sehr gut,danke danke !!

  • pepene17 4 years ago

    who r the 9 idiots who disliked this? where else can u find a better tutorial???? !!!!

  • dxfan181818 4 years ago

    teach us patience that songs great i wanna learbn the solo no one teaches it or shows it clear enough to see please do a tutorial on the solo

  • killzc 4 years ago

    Marty I love you man. I’ve been watching your vids for quite some time, without doubt the best teacher on youtube. One thing I really really hate though is that your requests doesn’t actually let you make requests unless you sign up to something. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a tutorial for Jose Gonzalez – Heartbeats. It would be very much appreciated.
    Peace and love from IRELAND

  • sirgreggins8824 4 years ago

    nice tele

  • mightymouse813 4 years ago

    i love you man… you have been the greates teacher anyone could have. Your instructuion makes me want to keep playing. You make it fun thanks.

  • sinnetff 4 years ago

    nobody better than Marty

  • Emmet O'Neill 4 years ago

    I bet thats not the only thing u did with ur right that made it move like that ha.. Go on marty ya lad ya

  • happylarry 4 years ago

    So I was the only one that noticed the colour change at 0:38?

    Or is resolution the word? You know what I’m talking about anyway

  • Sko0rb 4 years ago

    Dude, you’re awesome! Great lessons, easy to learn. All I need now is rythem! LOL

  • Steve Balata 4 years ago

    great teacher he probably drinking Jack Daniels and smoking a bit of hash, but still sounds great, I subscribe to his channel and he has got better than this,

  • Steve Balata 4 years ago

    you always have awesome lessons, sound like guns and roses this lesson, I can play well but have problems keeping my rhythm hand in control, I tend to lose and add an extra strum or 2 within the song. xx

  • Faaiz Shabbir 4 years ago

    hey marty.. u really rock… tht was simply awesome… but i didnt get the 2nd half… still struggling with tht…

  • Phenom4ever12 4 years ago

    marty would you recommend buying a telocaster for an amatuer?

  • I really like Marty’s lessons, but I wish he’d superimpose tab with the 1/4s-1/8s-1/6ths-triplets because his DDDUUUDUDU in 4/4 time seems like 1-3/4 measures??

  • Marcos Teixeira 4 years ago

    it is paradise city dah

  • Ronald Schoppe 4 years ago

    You rock Marty

  • bigduke60 4 years ago

    I love when he says “Marty Schwartz Here”…Cool!

  • Jiggs224u 4 years ago

    the only reason he’s not using his big guitar is his guitar matches his hat too good!

  • TheZosoOverlord 4 years ago

    Awesome! Thanks yet again Marty!

  • Flavio Villa 4 years ago

    i like u but i think you an asshole!!!

  • Rocky Tare 4 years ago

    r u stoned marty???????