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hardest songs to play on a guitar song number 1 warcraft by buckethead number #2 eruption by van halen.


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  • DarkPictures22 2 years ago

    Turn the distortion off and let’s see how good you really are.

  • FlynnHendryGuitarist 2 years ago

    what about Neon by John mayer?

  • niko369gameing 2 years ago

    Or any dragonforce song

  • TheRandomPentti 2 years ago

    You probably haven’t heard DragonForce – Heroes Of Our Time .

  • JoeyMicknot 2 years ago

    frantic disembowlment cannibal corpse fuckin hard

  • EmAndNina 2 years ago


  • Will, "The Truth is hard to believe for some" 2 years ago

    eruption isn’t hard, and warcraft is a bunch of arpeggios and effects.
    Songs written for guitar don’t even compare to songs that were originally
    transposed for other instruments, like Toccatta and Fugue in D minor.

  • ELBORRACHO86 2 years ago

    dragonforce sucks ass

  • Phuck Yu 2 years ago

    sounds like a irritating ringtone :p

  • SiiKIZ3ROI 2 years ago

    I think no boundaries by michael angelo batio or freak show excess by steve
    vai off his where the wild things are concert dvd are the hardest songs

  • Misan throp 2 years ago

    youre kinda right.. they dont even play the solos that you can hear on cds
    or somewhere else.. cause they cant i think lol

  • Ethan Mick 2 years ago

    It has to be so embarrassing to forget how to play one of your own songs in
    the middle of a concert, you know while your playing that song and making
    everyone believe you know what your doing……….

  • MrHerrJacobsen 2 years ago

    Hammer on all over the place.. Doesn’t even compare slightly to the
    difficulty that you find in classical style or flamenco. Try pulling off
    several1/32 or in some cases 1/64 note sections, running up and down on
    scales using real tremolo technique. That’s hard.

  • @drummaboy2345 just do -hero it will remove all things with the word hero :3

  • BigTymerPimp 2 years ago

    @espemglh Well, nobody is the best. And just because your song is hard to
    play doesn’t make you the best. But, Buckethead is an extremely talented
    player and anyone who plays the guitar or music in general has to respect
    him for what he does. If you”ve never heard Buckethead’s real music like
    his Electric Tears album, then I’ll tell you you’re missing out on some of
    the best albums in decades.

  • Adam Tait 2 years ago

    @haltrman93 yeah thats because dave mustange was in metallica at that time
    and hes one of the greatest guitar players in the world!

  • David Estrada 2 years ago

    How do you know if you cant play his stuff

  • ImpendentSorrowHeart 2 years ago

    they should put on ETF – This War Is Ours D:

  • Korg8000 2 years ago

    Lemme see some Robert Johnson!

  • stallingscody 2 years ago

    hell yeah

  • bcrich1234bc 2 years ago

    ok, hardest guitar song, all go to jeff loomis

  • pwng132 2 years ago

    lol play gh and real guitar hero is tonns easyer than real guitar

  • aLeXiSg0d 2 years ago

    thats becuz in the giutar hero world this is porn

  • Cactus Mushroom 2 years ago

    i think what your referring to is nicolo paginini’s 24th conice

  • Lavycieal 2 years ago

    I think Yngwie Malmsteen songs are harder than Buckethead. I’m not saying I
    attempted either (I will soon) but listening to both, Buckethead just hits
    notes that are near each other, making it easy to play fast. His picking
    isn’t too fast for some people (I can pick it), and he rarely moves hand
    positions. Yngwie has to move his hand along the whole neck for his songs
    while fretting.I find Yngwie more challenging. Like I said, I’ll try for
    myself, if I’m wrong, ok.

  • haltrman93 2 years ago

    @thrasherlml I both agree and disagree on certain aspects of that. Using
    wah itself isn’t cheating. If it was then every wah user is a cheater, lol.
    Wah could, however, cover up mistakes made by the guitarist. I don’t know
    since I’ve never had a wah pedal before, but Kirk is known for his usage of
    wah. I like the wah sound in certain songs (“Trapped Under Ice,” for
    example), but not the majority of post-Black Album stuff (I will only
    listen to the chorus in “The House That Jack Built”).