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  • Angel Welch 4 years ago

    This takes me away to a place -3 -3

  • Marquezsandoval0181 4 years ago

    the best

  • harley delander 4 years ago

    Hanson vs Jonas Brothers? 24-hour drum solo? The O Music Awards are going off! bit[.]ly/1ayHUvI
    (link without the [ ] around the period)

  • Kristina Antonova 4 years ago

    Bellissimo :) grazie

  • Lance Sayavong 4 years ago

    Thank yo for your hard work.

  • taxujr 4 years ago

    Best studying I’ve had in my life! Thanks for the songs, mate!

  • Dammian Pinedo 4 years ago


  • boodubai 4 years ago

    Love any soothing music with water sounds…

  • Sarah Anne 4 years ago

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS VIDEO!!! SO relaxing and so beautiful!!

  • Sjoar ly 4 years ago

    Easy listening Jazz music:
    - Chazz – Happy Dreams
    - Chazz – Sweet Morning Sunset

  • Muhammad Kashif 4 years ago

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  • CynthiaChannel 4 years ago

    I love the fact that you can hear the waves <3

  • WUDoc66 4 years ago

    Mahalo nui loa

  • ultrasonico spector 4 years ago

    no suena mucho a hawai

  • ARMANI DAVINCCI 4 years ago


  • ARMANI DAVINCCI 4 years ago


  • HDnatureTV 4 years ago

    we have a music only mix – check out wavesdvdcom.

  • kay29xx 4 years ago

    waves are a bit distracting :/

  • ZamrieProductions 4 years ago

    Very nice, great job….!!

  • brunoxcode 4 years ago

    Buen trabajo! Me gusta mucho
    * good job! I like it very much

  • amarlavida13 4 years ago

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful.
    Thank you :)

  • Cornelo Prisan 4 years ago

    Seductively beautiful! TYVM!

  • Rasa Martini 4 years ago

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  • Michael Friedman 4 years ago

    Beautiful relaxing music !

  • Robin v H. 4 years ago

    This is just what I need it. thanks.

  • Robin v H. 4 years ago

    beautiful done good work

  • fmiglio437 4 years ago

    continuate a fare quello che avete fatto fin’ora ! va bene così ! bravisssimi

  • HDnatureTV 4 years ago

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  • HDnatureTV 4 years ago

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