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  • SteveH4es 4 years ago


  • Carlos Cernello 4 years ago

    very didactic

  • Godz Skybluez 4 years ago

    cool video~!

  • Motownisyourtown 4 years ago

    Yea… It’s not difficult to bend a whole step…

  • ejcool7138 4 years ago

    You not really supposed to bend on acoustic

  • F4LSO 4 years ago

    sounds like I want you (she’s so heavy) for me

  • GoldSlidePark 4 years ago

    I legit just hurt myself from bending the guitar string. It was on an electric and the string just popped off and hit me. Oh well, I was in need of an upgrade anyway, right?

  • Zane Brown 4 years ago

    Shes prob improvising

  • Hannah T 4 years ago

    I actually had this problem too, until one of my guitar playing friends sorted me out. Basically, your finger is always going to hit that string above, and its really annoying. What he said to do is to use your hand to mute the string above the one you’re bending. I think it’s different for everyone, but i tend to use the part of my palm back from the thumb to touch that string just enough to mute any sounds that might come out of it.

  • autocrow 4 years ago

    Good advise. How do you keep the strings above from making sounds? If I’m bending the G string up, My fingers hit the D string, bump it enough to make it sound out, no matter how hard I try not to. Very frustrating…Thanks

  • Nugraha Seftyan Jody 4 years ago

    what’s the song that Jen’s playing?

  • Rubenilson de Souza Silva 4 years ago

    nice hair!

  • Walter Alexandre 4 years ago

    Hi. Lately I’m using D’addario 0.010 strings. The first and second strings bends ok (even one and a half tone), but I need to put much more effort to get bend on the others strings. What brands of strings you recomend for bending with 3-6 strings?

  • FreaquedeMusique 4 years ago

    her hands look so damn small..

  • pokadotguitar92x 4 years ago

    no wonder it hurt when i tried bending the strings before. i did it by moving my fingers rather than my hand. thank you!!

  • aquaphone 4 years ago

    Thanks a lot! That helped!

  • blakewhitmore99 4 years ago

    Damn shes hot

  • irayano2 4 years ago

    Thanks soo much! My fingers hurt before when I tried to do this.

  • CanterTV 4 years ago

    “scoop it, like your scooping something” Very funny. :) Great video! And you are a great guitar player. :)

  • KingBENN100 4 years ago

    Do you play electric guitar