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Learn to play a guitar song without having to know the chords!

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  • Zachary Chavez 3 years ago

    The actual string is with the low E. The third and the fifth fret.

  • Frostbite77 3 years ago

    Relax and have a little more confidence in your playing.You stuttered abit
    and you hesitated while playing.Learn the song before you show it.But good
    video,your teaching isnt bad.

  • Daniel Napast 3 years ago

    You suck at guitar

  • mitch pias 3 years ago

    no bro u r really good.

  • GordonHeliotrope 3 years ago

    Awesome…. You Rock Girl !!!! Never Give Up .. Keep On Posting

  • MasterOChords 3 years ago

    @gackteternal i can if you want me to! i thought i was kinda a lame teacher
    so i stopped posting videos but i can start up again if youd like :D

  • dragenchosen887 3 years ago

    this is not the right way its suppose to be lower notes

  • Ollie Williams 3 years ago

    thanks! first thing iv’e learnt so far!

  • Marco Desousa 3 years ago

    check out my channel ( giuitarsensay) for learning how to play guitar and
    song lessons like and suscribe ask me what song youd want me to put a
    lesson on

  • Pooja Pisharody 3 years ago

    no one agreed.

  • MasterOChords 3 years ago

    @MitchSoSick Thanks(:

  • TrollerAttack727 3 years ago

    Wrong e string

  • evolfc87 3 years ago

    Ur shut

  • Kris Underwood 3 years ago

    This is the wrong sound but same set up for place ment ill do video

  • MasterOChords 3 years ago

    @MitchSoSick Sorry ik i suck im just learning…. im 15.

  • gackteternal 3 years ago

    cool video are you gonna post anymore like this?

  • gackteternal 3 years ago

    @MasterOChords i would like that alot because im just starting out on

  • finally something I can do

  • ivozeeee 3 years ago

    from my guitar it sounds more of the beginning of funky town

  • mitch pias 3 years ago

    dude how old are u?

  • MasterOChords 3 years ago

    @SuperPredator62 this is for beginners, dont be a hater just because you
    didnt read the title.

  • tolerateu 3 years ago

    he explained why he did it higher up

  • SuperPredator62 3 years ago

    u suck only 3 notes thumbs up if you agree