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John Petrucci dropped by the Carle Place, NY GCPlatinum room and talked to us about his musical beginnings, the genesis of his sound, and signature guitars with Ernie Ball Music Man. For more…

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  • Guitar Center 2 years ago

    John Petrucci​ dropped by the Platinum Room room at Guitar Center Carle
    Place​ and talked to us about the beginnings of Dream Theater​, the genesis
    of his sound and his signature +Ernie Ball Music Man​ Majesty guitars.
    #johnpetrucci #dreamtheater #musicman #majesty 

  • Cesar Issac Mercado 2 years ago

    His beard is about as impressive and clean as his playing

  • lam neth 2 years ago

    god damn i hate his tone nowadays

  • Linh Nguyen 2 years ago

    That’s one loaded guitar. Suddenly the $2600 price tag doesn’t seem that
    bad. More worth it than Gibson Standards for sure.

  • dedo jaha 2 years ago

    what the name of the song he talked about in 3:25 ???

  • ifeelitbro 2 years ago

    Oh God that last clip. Something tells me the next album will be as heavy
    as ToT.

  • chiefmachine24 2 years ago

    I literally just got done reading the GC catalog that came in my mail with
    Petrucci on the cover.

  • diceMEass 2 years ago

    My friend does not believed me when I told him ZZtop joins Dream
    Theater…now here’s the proof…

  • Tony Morris 2 years ago

    we’re not worthy! we’re not worthy!

  • Andy M 2 years ago

    Santa Prog

  • Dickunddoof 2 years ago

    He looks like a lawn gnome with a guitar

  • joker86CJ 2 years ago

    Una leggenda della chitarra prog…. JOHN PETRUCCI

  • Mario Solis 2 years ago

    John Petrucci At Guitar Center

  • hastyberford 2 years ago

    The beard is coming in nicely.

  • Mannes 2 years ago

    Man, I could listen to him talk and play for hours 

  • khawla amartib 2 years ago

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  • Carlos Alberto R.N da Costa 2 years ago

    2:15 – I have always pronounced James “LaBraie”. What a mistake from me!

  • Electric Guitar 2 years ago
  • Zahmbie Horde 2 years ago

    That was fucking rad!!!

  • Bullnec 2 years ago

    his beard fcking SPARKLES!!!

  • Carlos Alberto R.N da Costa 2 years ago

    John is looking like a beggar…

  • Remo Sforza 2 years ago
  • Ryan Berry 2 years ago

    That’s the manliest man beard I’ve ever seen.

  • mariano brascich 2 years ago
  • MetalSoHard 2 years ago

    Him and his nephew jake (periphery) have the same beard m/

  • Daniele Melandri 2 years ago

    I really love Petrucci. He’s a big inspiration for me as a guitarist. He’s
    also a great man as well as a great musician, and this is why i love his
    person. I went to a Dream Theater concert last year and when i looked at
    Petrucci, who was at maybe 3 or 4 metres far from me, i really saw the
    smile on his face and the love for the music that he make. Such a brilliant

  • leospfclive 2 years ago

    Shave Yourself!!!!!! Dumbass

  • Vadim Glushkov 2 years ago

    He very looks and sounds like Wes Borland… Awkward. Same expressions

  • girlfriendg 2 years ago

    I love how humble and chill he is, for such a god…

  • Ikram Maududi 2 years ago

    He also sits like people who come from classical guitar, which mean it is
    very likely that he learned classical guitar at the very beginning in his
    guitar playing even if it was only for a short while

  • Mark McQuillan 2 years ago

    Pee-ae-zo. From the Greek ‘piezein’. Not Pie-zo, from the meat/pastry

  • The Real Apostate Cow 2 years ago

    Please tell me that last riff is from the next album

  • IshidaNikurasu 2 years ago

    i could seriously killed someone for the Majesty model.. why not buy it? in
    Norway you have to pay a wopping 4’500$ for it T__T

  • golden child 2 years ago

    His new guitar sounds great, but the styling looks like it belongs to
    Prince. I like those opening riffs, need to add those to my repertoire.

  • JakeF1243 2 years ago

    He’s just pure beard now :D 

  • ipojuca22 2 years ago

    John grew his beard to become more ugly, to match the ugliness of this
    Majesty guitar. He looks like Hagrid nowadays. Oh boy, I miss those Ibanez
    JPM days (for image, tone and compositions…).

  • Skyn Musstash 2 years ago

    this is one of the longest commercials i’ve ever seen

  • absinha6209 2 years ago

    Wolverine has joined DT?

  • Doğukan Gürbüz 2 years ago

    Great Guitar Player!

  • ClockworkofMadness 2 years ago


  • Travis Bellamy 2 years ago

    Those riffs

  • Stephen Bower 2 years ago

    I went to see Dream Theater live on their last tour and was excited to see
    John play guitar, but for some reason John wasn’t performing, Hagrid was
    playing guitar instead. I never knew Hagrid could play guitar though, it
    was interesting.

  • guitarboy202 2 years ago

    beard game perhaps a little too strong

  • momentingwsd 2 years ago

    My favourite guitar player!

  • The Prince Of Persia 2 years ago

    Jp needs to brush his hair. All of it.