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Click Here For Over 5000 Guitar Lessons: Click Here For Tabs To This Lesson: Vibrato is key to the blues sound, Neal shows…

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  • SwampySi 2 years ago

    How about a lesson on speed? I’ve been playing for 6 years but still
    struggle with my speed.

  • mechanoid2k 2 years ago

    B.B King album cover in the back good choice sir

  • PoofDuddy 2 years ago

    Great ideas THANKS NEAL

  • ZenithRadProductions 2 years ago

    Awesome! Thanks Neal!

  • Ryan M. 2 years ago

    Where can I find free backing tracks (U2)

  • D1vid3By0 2 years ago

    Fuck yes! Perpetual Burn album cover in the back! That gives you a sub!

  • skatebboard 2 years ago

    @DrPepper2kx most definitely is :)

  • Philip Hernandes 2 years ago

    is that andres segovia on the poster at 0:30?

  • devilsslave1970 2 years ago

    hey neal, can you do a lesson on slide guitar???

  • Jakob Schütze 2 years ago

    to improve your your speed, here´s some tips. 1. try to move your eyes on
    the next part you will be paying, where you eyes are, you fingers are. 2.
    try to practise getting your hands lose, if your hands are to stiff, you
    will get tired quickly, and your hands cant move as fast as you want. 3.
    and not least at all, just practice getting you riffs/ licks faster, these
    3 points are mainly the reasons that i can play faster that i used to,
    without saying im no John Petrucci. I hope it helps ;)

  • Drake Nazar 2 years ago

    I saw Dream Theater’s Images and Words album cover! hhaa

  • LMilleniumT 2 years ago

    new YouTube layout sucks

  • MYY0UTU8E 2 years ago

    Can anyone send me some licks that sound good with a metal piece in Am.
    Want to experiment and come up with a solo. :)

  • Jeffrey Attakorah 2 years ago

    is there a video where u teach the intro, i wanna learn it soo bad, plzz
    help, btw thanks for the lick

  • Philip Hernandes 2 years ago

    I was hoping that someone who actually knows something about music would
    answer lol