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Tim and Alfredo go hands on with Guitar Hero Live. Subscribe! This video was edited on an ORIGIN PC EVO15-S Laptop. Get your.

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  • kukklyn obaasskai 2 years ago

    Old instruments don’t work and you can’t used dlc from previous games? Rock
    band 4 already won. Activision what the fuck were you thinking?

  • MrSquareHead1234 2 years ago

    If they were trying to incorporate a more realistic feel to playing the
    guitar, then surely they should have left the pinkie in… Playing with
    just 3 fingers seems really off

  • Tom Taylor 2 years ago

    so pumped for this! used to play Guitar Hero in competitions, which is even
    less cool than it sounds.

  • Allen B. 2 years ago

    Great ive never heard any good metal music just bullshit pop…

  • GizmooreGames 2 years ago

    :) The KindaFunny logo appearing in Guitar Hero Live!

  • Jesse Ramirez 2 years ago

    bringing fmv back to video games? The sega cd days must be upon us…

  • Oreqa 2 years ago

    I’ve wanted a new guitar hero for so long, makes me so sad that it’s so
    different… I loved the 5 button layout they had before, and I don’t like
    notes on screen :/

  • ShopSongs 2 years ago

    this needs Occulus Rift Support!!!

  • RockandMetal645 2 years ago

    I’ve waited 5 years for this fucking game… and it turns out like this?
    I’m honestly disappointed that the whole damn thing changed. This is such a
    major downgrade. When I saw the controller I immediately thought “yep, this
    is just Guitar Freaks now” but this is just worse. At least I’ll have Rock
    Band 4 to look forward to, at least that has old DLC support.

  • cosmo6871 2 years ago

    Looks like we’ve got a competition here! Rock Band 4 vs. Guitar Hero Live!

  • SXQX7 2 years ago

    Looks like The Angry Video Game Nerd has another Sega CD game to throw out
    the window.

  • Ted Claxton 2 years ago

    The only thing I’m worried about is the Song choices. The only artists I’ve
    seen so far are Ed Sheeran and Fall Out Boy, and that really worries me.
    We don’t need another Band Hero.

  • Shane Jackson 2 years ago

    Wow, Guitar Hero just uses a interactive video feed now instead of using
    next generation graphics. I wouldn’t be surprised if they release this on

  • LagginPotato 2 years ago

    I have a feeling this game will be full of pop rock and barley any hard
    rock or metal… 

  • RubberDucky 2 years ago

    Guitare Hero is a cool game but to pay 100 bucks to get the game with the
    controller is a bit too much in my opinion…

  • Nicholas Navarre 2 years ago

    It looks like the game knows when you press the button on the top half or
    bottom half, making it 12 buttons. You can see it when they switch buttons
    and it shows that they’re pressing a half button, either the top half or
    bottom half.

    Can you guys confirm this?

  • LUGO Gaming 2 years ago

    Lol three buttons? Hopefully Rockband doesn’t fuck things up.

  • RockBandAddict666 2 years ago

    £90 for this crap? I’ll pass!

  • RetroRampage 2 years ago

    this new guitar hero looks SO bad. I used to play guitar hero instead of
    rock band, but now I’m switching. This is just a fucking movie with
    interactive rhythm gameplay. Rock Band 4 has previous DLC, and you can use
    your old controllers, PLUS they didn’t change pretty much everything about
    how the game worked. Get your shit together, activision.

  • Paul Grzymkowski 2 years ago

    This is a neat idea, but I can tell already the number of songs that
    support the live concert view will be a subset of the full catalog,
    especially as more songs are added with DLC. Otherwise, for every new song
    added they’d have to film it with a live audience. And who knows, maybe
    they will, but that seems like a lot of overhead. Down the road, what do
    they do if the song has no official music video or live concert recording,
    do they default to a visualizer at that point?

  • Franklin Sizemore 2 years ago

    I’ll stick to a real guitar and Rocksmith, but it looks good for those who
    don’t want to make that commitment

  • Eric Durant 2 years ago

    What is this?! The Sega CD?’
    Actual “FMV/Real Video”?

    What a terrible terrible idea.

  • 3choBlast3r 2 years ago

    That crowd in the box in front of you is SOOO fucking annoying, shrugging
    and making gestures like “come on buddy, we know you can do it” XD … …
    AH.. … you’re not really playing as the real band, for a second there I
    thought you did (no fucking idea what the first son was, but the Black Keys
    are the shit I have all their music)

  • tom lister 2 years ago

    oh man this looks lame

  • Jorge Aguirre 2 years ago

    I don’t really see the problem with this game. I’m exited for it but
    because everyone seems bummed about it I wouldn’t really want to get a game
    that lacks support simply because it will lack DLC especially since I own
    the Wii U.

  • NDN Omar 2 years ago

    I’m going to miss the character customization. I’m going to be brutally
    honest, when I made my band, I made them look like a crew of people I could
    relate to. All these goobers on stage are nowhere near the kind of folks I
    hang out with.

  • gtumz 2 years ago

    This would be awesome in VR 

  • Tmanx7 2 years ago

    should i buy rock band 4 or guitar hero live?

  • João Marques 2 years ago

    Guitar Hero: FMV – coming soon to Sega CD.

  • Tim Nichols 2 years ago

    why the hell did they see the need to change a control scheme which already
    worked….it seems just awful.

  • Dayn McClenahan 2 years ago

    Its too soon, they should have waited another year or two

  • Hugo Stiglitz 2 years ago

    The graphics look terrible. Look at those crowds and the rest of the band,
    they look PS2 era at best. Next gen my ass. This must be the Xbox One
    version lol

    Also, they better have a left handed mode since it looks like the direction
    you hit the strumming paddle matters. I can’t stand the discrimination
    towards lefties in video games. Fuck all you right handed, AKA wrong handed

  • The Omnilution 2.0 2 years ago

    Man… Guitar hero is getting more realistic… But imagine TtFaF with this
    2×3 button layout?

  • Rayne 2 years ago

    This looks so silly. Actual footage of people playing in the background?
    That’s boring as hell.