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How It Hurts is an original composition by Marcel Mokbel played on a Furch guitar. You can like him on Facebook: or subscribe to his youtube channel: https://www.y…

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  • Peter Gergely 3 years ago

    Very nice composition, also I love how your emotions shine through, it
    really adds to the listening experience!

  • Candyrat Records 3 years ago

    Check out Candyrat guest artist Marcel Mokbel from Germany and his
    composition entitled ‘How it Hurts’. 

  • Eddie van der Meer 3 years ago

    Amazing song Marcel! Great to see something on Candyrat without all the
    fancy overused techniques ^^

  • Michael Chapdelaine 3 years ago

    Nice work Marcel!

  • Jake McGuire 3 years ago

    Killer composition here Marcel! Really enjoyed it man. Great use of
    dynamics. It amazes me how music transcends all language barriers. Keep
    it up brother!

  • Tobias Rauscher 3 years ago

    Nice to see you on Candyrat!! :) Keep it up great tune!!

  • Shane Tapp 3 years ago

    Beautiful piece by +Marcel Mokbel This is definitely one I would love to
    learn for myself.

  • Zee Dot 3 years ago

    Nice work!! great music and video thumbs up

  • Matthew Socci 3 years ago

    Can really feel the passion behind this one, love it! :) 

  • 3245james 3 years ago

    I knew I recognized you! I spoke to you 4 or 5 years ago about tabs for the
    composition “close your eyes” You were really friendly and a great guy! Im
    glad you got your name out there with candyrat :) 

  • EPguitars 3 years ago

    That’s a really great work!

  • KingdomMelodyGuitar 3 years ago

    Hallo Marcel, wieder mal ein sehr schönes Stück von dir. Tolle Performance!

  • el3m3n7 3 years ago

    Der Hammer! Cool, dich jetzt bei candyrat zu sehen.
    Glueckwuensche :) 

  • Kidarrian1 3 years ago

    after a listen through on speakers it sounds much better in that medium, it
    softens out the sound. it still overpowers a bit, but the warmth comes
    through a lot better on speakers.

  • Abel Diaz Urbina 3 years ago

    Great song. Nice, smooth and graceful. Thanks for posting.

  • Trinczek Sam 3 years ago

    Great! Thanks for this!

  • Allan Gildea 3 years ago

    outstanding. Absolutely beautiful.

  • Steven Gutierrez 3 years ago

    Lol ” drops the aux plug”

  • guck uou 3 years ago

    Amazing and really nice tone, loved it!

  • QuentinX5 3 years ago

    That moment when you click on a video and you don’t regret your decision in
    the slightest.

  • Евгений Качалов 3 years ago

    Yeah, the passion, the feels, really love this play. Keep up, wonderful

  • TheGerogero 3 years ago


  • Oscar Méndez 3 years ago

    Beautiful, i like it so much.Congratulations! Germanian power! greets from

  • Madlen Kühne 3 years ago

    Very, very beautiful ☆

  • Brian B 3 years ago

    That was amazing, thank you

  • Amer Raza 3 years ago


  • nafpez 3 years ago

    Do I hear a hint of Maneli Jamal? Beautiful playing!

  • Brigham 3 years ago

    I’ve been watching this guy on Youtube for years – it’s about time he made
    his way to CandyRat. Congrats dude, and nice tune!

  • pietro demonte 3 years ago