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This is an easy way to get through 1000s of guitar songs with easy power chords. Thanks for watching and check out my 2nd channel tdowning1111 for more lesso…

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  • remy kai 3 years ago

    Dont let the haters get too u . U helped me alot
    Keep it up

  • gta4fan128 3 years ago

    you suck

  • Kate Lynch/Ratliff 3 years ago

    14 seconds in, my thoughts…. I thought u said easy :( xD

  • TheBigJinglz 3 years ago

    nice video, thank you!

  • thechaddlad 3 years ago

    the songs are so easy a 5 year old could play these

  • vlad the Inhaler 3 years ago

    Hey “Friends of Guitars and Guitar players” please lets get together,
    Chip-in and get Todd a new Axe? ! good lesson…but that Fender needs a bit
    of tone up work…sad sound, but thanks Todd the info is very good!

  • felix brooks 3 years ago


  • thechaddlad 3 years ago

    how does he rock of course he dont 

  • The Slippery PeanuT 3 years ago

    I think you are using the worst setup on your amplifier possible to show of
    the power chord, just my opinion…. I suggest doing it with a lot more

  • Hasan Polat 3 years ago

    Whats name it 00.15

  • juli jungmair 3 years ago

    smells like teen spirit!!

  • Marco Puca 3 years ago

    Eye of the tiger

  • Osiris Salgado 3 years ago

    I consider it easier doing different power chords rather than the major and
    minor chords.

  • powderedpoppers2012 3 years ago

    put some dirt into it

  • israskate15 3 years ago

    thanks man!!! that realy helped me 1!!!

  • TheCaptain012 3 years ago

    nice vid

  • Siddharth Maskara 3 years ago

    Awesome video

  • lazadio 3 years ago

    This video is soo usefull!! Thanks a lot!

  • lalocar37 3 years ago

    Can you do an easy version of La Bamba ?

  • Van ZaFyer 3 years ago

    whats the first song name?

  • ernel ulit 3 years ago

    Your the man!

  • AscariGood 3 years ago

    Wow im so learning all of these your such a great teacher

  • Matthias3241 3 years ago

    Thank you :)

  • phil kyle 3 years ago

    thanks Todd, can you put some more songs/riffs using power chords on You
    Tube please

  • TheWeakenedWarrior 3 years ago

    Dude, you rock. Thanks greatly for this!

  • Jin Suico 3 years ago

    at 3:39 what is the title of that??

  • TheLach89 3 years ago

    when he stsrted singing i started laughing

  • feisar1987 3 years ago

    Cheers for the vid, Great simple stuff ya dont have to trawl round for
    hours finding

  • Lynn N 3 years ago

    I have a question! Can I make a power chords on every fret? Not just the
    first 12 frets? I assume that power chords can only be made with the low E
    and low A string?

  • Axel Pompee 3 years ago

    Ok video

  • jcmoovee 3 years ago

    i understand teaching single string stuff (like iron man) in a different
    key than the original, but if you are using power chords you might as well
    teach it in the actual key. like iron man (which starts on a B5 chord) and
    smoke on the water (which starts on an A5 chord) other than that good lesson

  • Sullivan D 3 years ago

    Thanks mate

  • Lynn N 3 years ago

    You know like from first fret too twelve fret, can I just place my root not
    finger on any of them and it would be a power chord? Or is it only 3, 5 ,

  • Megan Simpson 3 years ago

    you have exactly the same guitar as me!

  • ZaaBLes 3 years ago

    Viva la Viva by Coldplay

  • DarkSkys25 3 years ago

    Where you get this list…?

  • Travesty Yeah 3 years ago

    Same guitar but mine is red XD

  • Efe Pekgöz 3 years ago

    most helpful bald in my life

  • kingsislandforever 3 years ago

    you should do more power chord songs and teach them the way you did in this
    video i learned all of these songs in the video please do it

  • MsCSMA 3 years ago

    you rock!!

  • Reginald William 3 years ago

    Love the power chords Todd. Any more in the future, guitar, violin,
    Ukeulele ?

  • WummenWerner 3 years ago

    wieso ist der titel und die beschreibung in deutsch und das video in

  • Mike p 3 years ago

    I just suck, and my left hand fingers are retarded

  • Razgriz Belka 3 years ago

    Don’t give up,keep praticing…!