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All guitar songs from games STALKER and Complete Mod. Part 4 coming soon :) My Page: My Facebook: …

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  • Floryn Chirea 3 years ago

    very good songs, i view this video 5 or 6 x day :) ))

  • altair5128 3 years ago

    Thanks very much for putting all this together! Do you know the names of
    the songs?

  • kaosTheories 3 years ago

    All I need now is a campfire, a can of tourist’s breakfast and the sounds
    of an emission outside to make it truly complete

  • Rączka Stalker 3 years ago

    “Part 4 coming soon :)
    Czekamy, czekamy ;) 

  • Potato Walrus Of Valhalla 3 years ago

    wow , thats just what im looking for :D