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I’ve had several requests to film guitar strings in slow motion. The most recent by KrzychozaxD. Filmed at 600 and 1200 frames per second. (20 and 40 times s…

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  • HECKproductions 4 years ago

    you should film an octave
    then you can see the high string moves exactly twice as fast as the low one

  • gairin 4 years ago

    Fun video & thanks If you could make a slow motion of a mandolin player doing tremolo you would have the thanks and admiration of many mandolin players and lots of views! The pick as it moves over the strings would be VERY interesting.For this you’d have to find an expert like Marilyn Mair or what the heck call up Ricky Skaggs! Best wishes to you, please send me a note if you ever post a slow mo of the mandolin tremolo.

  • Half Scheidl 4 years ago

    Watch 6JeyiM0YNo4 or Bowed violin string in slow motion on youtube

  • John Chaney 4 years ago

    Man I did this great painting from inside the guitar….I wish I could share it….Better I wish I could sell it…lol… I would never sell it…

  • Mark Tabique 4 years ago

    It’s out of tune. Hahaha! You’re videos are awesome! They’re random and interesting :)

  • Alistair Mende 4 years ago

    does it make sense…?
    sorry hater over here xp

  • dontcallmepeanutt 4 years ago

    Now record it with full tension on the strings

  • d4sUrm3l 4 years ago

    Yeah that would be great. I always wanted to see if there are visible wavepackets or if its more like a standing wave. A video of a hole vibrating string between it’s fixation points would be great.

    Still awesome work.

  • PhobosDDeimos 4 years ago

    Don’t like. Because the guitar doesn’t even seem to be in tune, it’s just metalstrings flapping around. You should play some chords or even melodies, oh, and harmonics, natural an false ones! That would be way more interesting to see, especially because you could really see intervalls by looking on how frequent the strings vibrate.

  • mattyboyovadanet 4 years ago

    lol.. i could imagine strings in drop tunings…

  • OneTakeJesus 4 years ago

    I’ve always wanted to see a cymbal being lathed in slow motion

  • Barkeroni 4 years ago

    nice camera…POS guitar

  • worldbeatguitar 4 years ago

    I just created a music video using a similar technique on a super large bariton 12-string. Awesome effect! Do a search for “Mike Salovich magic guitar strings” to find the video.

  • AnthonyJulioRicardoMontoyaDelaRosaRamirez Leggio 4 years ago

    it looks untuned

  • Baltam314 4 years ago

    The strings are probably hitting the fretboard because he snapped them vertically like a noob.

  • AdrienneNightingale 4 years ago

    I think it funny that your using a cheap guitar with a missing string for this.

  • Jussi Poikkeus 4 years ago

    not a good reason =D then you should get more light. 1/8000 is good speed

  • taofledermaus 4 years ago

    It probably would have helped. I was just using indoor lighting so cranking up the shutterspeed with the limited light probably would have made it too dark. 

  • Jussi Poikkeus 4 years ago

    you should use higher shutter speed.

  • taofledermaus 4 years ago

    The camera doesn’t record sound when operating in high speed mode.

  • hermanessences 4 years ago

    Wait, does this camera record sound at an equally slow rate as well?

  • georgeSaSg 4 years ago

    great video and great music too

  • ervans 4 years ago

    Great idea

  • wahineshooter 4 years ago

    I watched this last nite and got dizzy LOL…….I was feeling like crap though :( Looks cool tonite :) Back ground music most soothing too!

  • wahineshooter 4 years ago

    I watched this last nite and got dizzy LOL…….I was feeling like crap though :( Looks cool tonite :)

  • icidade 4 years ago

    Harmonics in slow motion. Awesome!

  • switchingtomac 4 years ago

    Very cool!

  • gunporn68 4 years ago

    That’s amazing. I play guitar, and I never knew there was that much movement in the strings.

  • ExpertOfSound 4 years ago

    Yea probably.

    But I want to test it and see! :D 

  • gregordiesel 4 years ago

    I’ve played violin a couple years and I can tell you: Violin string-vibrations are visable for sure, especially the deeper chordes. Doing it with a bow is also no problem, it depends on how much colophonium your bow has and how much you press it. I’m not sure if you are able to film the higher ones with your regular objective, but it’s worth to try it out.

  • BassPounderX 4 years ago

    i geuss it would only wobble if it has handleing to much power or the cone wasnt very stiff like on cheap paper cones

  • ww3pl 4 years ago

    … Where’s the 6th string, guys?
    Where is it? What did you do to it?

  • Alex Hoskins 4 years ago

    idk about violin but my cello vibrations are visible to the naked eye so i bet it could be picked up with this camera

  • sxesamuel 4 years ago

    Not to detract from this video (it’s awesome), but there’s some more high speed footage of guitars on the TimeWarp episode featuring Metallica. You can see all kinds of cool stuff like octave vibrations, for anyone else who’s interested in seeing more.

  • wavelength1970 4 years ago

    nicely shot!!

  • ExpertOfSound 4 years ago

    Well, the thing I was wondering about with subwoofers, is how much the cone “wobbles” because of it being, for example, an insanely small amount off center like 0.0001mm.