Added by on July 5, 2013 Advanced guitar lesson on blues licks, improvisation. Fun interaction with Erich Andreas of Your Guitar Sage. Blues sc…

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  • Barry Plemmons 4 years ago

    While an electric will give you the ability to easily bend as the other commenter mentioned, there are some things you can do on an acoustic to play some of these licks. For the most part, whole note bends can be accomplished on the high E and B string, but it’s difficult. Below that (G string, especially), try using slides in place of whole note bends. Done well, it will create a unique sound and allow you to play some of these classic licks. Best!

  • 2littlelies 4 years ago

    …he`s playing a fender b-bender telecaster and the `chrome circle` is part of the mechanism to bend the b string….but he`s not applying it during the lesson….look up b-bender telecaster….interesting piece of equipment….if you`re into country….look up music from `the byrds, one guy of that band developed and built the first b-bender for another member of the that same band..the byrds..cheers

  • Liam Potter 4 years ago

    slide :)

  • jermill3423 4 years ago

    Anyone know what that small chrome circle just below the bridge on Erich’s Tele is?

  • BhickFoet Bouncer 4 years ago

    oh my God I hadn’t got so much fun in a while! thanks for this awesome series man! i Love it!

  • RonYitzhakiVEVO 4 years ago

    Not so advanced..

  • kings00018 4 years ago

    Buy a Electric Guitar

  • Joachim Eskildsen 4 years ago

    Thinner strings, like 9′s and maybe tune down half a step or even a whole

  • Bryan Neuber 4 years ago

    How is this advanced? Don’t get me wrong, it’s well done but beginner/intermediate at best.

  • TuesdayBeats 4 years ago

    Use lighter strings .10 or 0.09 maybe

  • ozzcar1 4 years ago

    you wrote exactly what i thought

  • countryclassic 4 years ago

    go to the Gibson site

  • Misterwhalley88 4 years ago

    Maybe choose thinner strings. I messed with it for a long time but I like very heavy strings so I just replace most full step bends with a slide on acoustic unless I’m high up on the neck

  • gareth lough 4 years ago

    i found it difficult but your encouragement ayt the end made me feel better :)

  • Chris Linville 4 years ago

    When I play on an acoustics, even if I bend the string as much as I can I only get a half step up. Anyone have any advice?

  • Galenalicia11 4 years ago


  • Lori A 4 years ago

    Oh, I see that beautiful Gibson J-200 sleeping on the wall behind you. That’s a fantastic instrument. What year is it? Have you made a video on your guitar collection and the electronics you are using?

  • dmoor10 4 years ago

    @yourguitarsage Do you think you could teach “wildwood flower” by the carter family?

  • mobislink1 4 years ago

    Very cool. Thanks

  • Depyrol 4 years ago

    “Hey there rockstars” made my day.

  • wuzcloopin 4 years ago

    Monkey See, Monkey Blues

  • beeftea99 4 years ago

    i like the colour of your wall.

  • Harry Patterson 4 years ago

    Erich, I have all your e-books and watched many of your videos. For me these (the last one and this one) are the best, they help break me out sounding like I am playing scales instead of music. Please continue to do more of these. It would help to keep the camera zoomed in on the fretboard, the pulled back video makes it hard to see the strings being played.

  • Mark Jolley 4 years ago

    So Ninja!

  • yiannilol 4 years ago

    Man, dunno how I missed the first 5 lessons on this! Stoked, thank you sir!

  • Ben Hladki 4 years ago

    “So don’t fret” pun intended